Med Manager XL

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This is perfect for travel or if you simply want an easy way to carry around your medications and It’s also good for every-day pills intended for upset stomach, headaches and migraines, colds, allergies, and other over-the-counter remedies. Daily supplements and vitamins can also be easily organized.

In case a medical emergency arises and you need assistance, the expandable file holder includes spaces for your name, emergency contact information, physician contact information, medical conditions, allergies, and current medications

(This product is intended to be used with the patients original prescription bottles)

Product Info:

    • Features:
      • 25 Durable Elastic Loops (Bottles Not Included)
      • Double Zipper To Accommodate A Small Luggage Lock (See In Related Products)
      • 6-Pocket 5 Tabbed Color File Manager
      • Daily Pill Organizer
      • Dimensions 13" X 11" X 3.5"
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