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Med Manager XL
Med Manager XL
Med Manager XL
Med Manager XL
Med Manager XL
Med Manager XL
Med Manager XL
Med Manager XL

Med Manager XL

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This Lockable Travel Medication Case keeps all of your important medications and health information in one convenient location. The perfect organizer to help you manage your daily medications, doctor's appointments, medical history and more! This is perfect for travel or if you simply want an easy way to carry around your medications as Brenna from Denver saw from the Med Manager "They are perfect! When traveling and going to doctors appointments, you have everything with you. Even doctors and nurses want to know where to get them! We have our medications and health records on the go with in a sec, thank you and I absolutely recommend this!"
It’s also good for every-day pills intended for upset stomach, headaches and migraines, colds, allergies, and other over-the-counter remedies. Daily supplements and vitamins can also be easily organized. 
In case a medical emergency arises and you need assistance, the expandable file holder includes spaces for your name, emergency contact information, physician contact information, medical conditions, allergies, and current medications, which can be very important when you’re not in a local area just as Richard experienced from El Paso "I was out of town about a month after surgery for the holidays but had a medical emergency 2 days after getting into Colorado. Instead of having the hospital go through all of the trouble of contacting my specialized doctor to find out what my medical needs were, they simply used the discharge packet kept in my Med Manager." 
Instead of lugging around individual boxes or bottles of pills on your travels, or trying to keep track of which medications you’ve taken throughout the day, avoid errors and save time by using our portable medication travel bag. 

(This product is intended to be used for original prescription bottles)


Product Info:

  • Features:

    • 25 Durable Elastic Loops (Bottles Not Included)

    • Double Zipper To Accommodate A Small Luggage Lock (See In Related Products)

    • 6-Pocket 5 Tabbed Color File Manager

  • Details

    • Dimensions 13" X 11" X 3.5" 

    • Adjustable shoulder strap, 29"-51"

    • Nylon

    • Manufactured by Case-It


Shipping Info:

Please Allow 1-3 business days to process and 4 to 7 business days for delivery.

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